Fundraising Programs

To truly assist our local non-profit organizations that give back to our local Vancouver-area neighborhoods.  Childhood and teen development, homeless community services, and Religious (of all and any beliefs) organizations are our prime candidates, although we will consider any 501(c) organization.   The benefits of your organization’s actions must be local.

Encouraging, funding, and assisting those seeking to improve our communities is a clear responsibility of our business.

A few years back we were disheartened after reading a company’s fundraising statement.  Simply put, the program was to have non-profit organizations serve as the company’s sales force, promoting their services, for a return of $1 on every $10. This lesson served as a clear reminder of our Mission stated above and we vowed to be a leader in giving back to the community that supports us.

The Program
Your organizations “sells” our service certificates and receives 100% of REVENUE.  Not 100% of the profit – 100% of the money collected!  45,000 residents use our services each year; your “donor” will be fully compensated for their donation to your cause. We are pretty sure it will be the easiest program you have used and it sure makes us feel good to help out!

Because we are a for-profit company we do have to be restrictive in the number of certificates we provide each year, but we will absolutely do the most we can!