Frequently Asked Questions

How long will an interior and exterior car wash take?

Our average time is 25 – 35 minutes, although this can vary depending on the condition and size of your vehicle, weather patterns, and the other customers that have arrived before you. Our least-busy times are 8am – 10am and after 4pm.

What is detailing, and how does this differ from your carwash services?

Detailing is the industry-specific word for Reconditioning or Rejuvenating.  Some of our carwash services can be considered detailing, although details, as the name defines, are generally services that are focused and take additional time.  A full detail can take over seven hours to complete whereas most of our carwash services are done within 30 minutes.

Can you give me a ride home or to my office?

No.  Our employees are not allow to transport customers.  We do have a loaner vehicle that you can use to go about your day without an interruption.  Please specify you would like to reserve the car when scheduling an appointment.

What is the cost for an interior and exterior wash?

Our basic interior and exterior was is $16.95 for most cars.  We refer to this package as our Full Service.

What are your hours?

Please see our home page for hours as they vary by the season.

Is your equipment safe for my clear coat?

We run an advanced system and it will not damage your paint.  We have over 100 Membership vehicles and any trend of paint deterioration would be noticed as these folks wash their vehicles over 8,000 times annually combined.  Generally our VIP Customers have the shiniest cars in Vancouver!

Do I need an appointment for a carwash? For a detail?

We do not make or require appointments for our car wash menu (link here).  For best service we suggest you make an appointment for our detailing packages, although if we do have availability we will accept walk-in customers.

I own multiple vehicles, what is the best way to save money?

Our 10-wash punch cards vary in discount from 25-35% off.  If you are planning on washing any vehicle more than twice a month then you will save money EVERYTIME with our VIP Membership packages.

What is your mission statement?

We seek to satisfy all of our customers’ car cleaning needs.  We operate an enriching workplace that offers our employees the opportunity to enjoy their work.

Do you recycle your water?

Yes, our water is reclaimed.  All solid waste is disposed of according to regulation.

What are your height limits?

We can accept vehicles up to 88″.

How do I best extend the life of my factory paint?

Apply a hand wax at least twice a year and wash your vehicle at least once a month.

Will you support my not-for-profit group or organization?

Glad you asked.  Please contact us and we will do our best!